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Here is the class!

As it was meant for skillshare initialy, well, you will notice that some things are out of place.

Also, I had to compress the files quite a lot to be able to upload them here, so quite a lot of the quality was lost on the way, sorry about that.

Though, the content is still the same, and I m still happy to share it with you, so here is the presentation text:  

In this class we will explore  the possibilities of acrylic inks, and in particular how to apply it and create different controled textures.

I will show you the material I use and my little routine, and then demonstrate, step by step, 24 textures that you will be invited to use in your personal project.


I will share all  the little tips and tricks I learned on the way in a process demonstration, so you have an overview of how I use put that into practice.

At the end of this class you will have a set of tools and habits to use for your creative journey with this wonderful medium!

I hope you will find it useful, and that it will inspire you to create a lot beautiful things!

Music: Vibrance 1 & 2, © Julien Aslak Aho



Thank you

for considering to donate something in exchange of this class,

my paypal contact is mentioned at the bottom of the videos.

If you are short on money,

enjoy freely,

and don't hesitate to share with people who might be interested  <3


Textures round 1

texture round 2

if you complete the project and share it on social media, tag me and use the hashtag #gvinkclass  so we can still have a bit of a '' meeting '' online, as it is not possible here :)

flat colors, gradients and drippings

demo, tips and tricks  part 1

demo, tips and ticks  part 2

Link to paypal: 

paypal gaellevejlupek

Thank you!


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